INDIA, BENGAL SULTANATE, Ghiyath al-Din A'zam (1389-1410) Silver tanka, B242. CHOICE!


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Obverse Legend: ghiyath al-dunya wa'l din abu'l muzaffar a'zamshah ibn sikandar shah ibn ilyas shah al-sultan bin sultan, within a fancy diamond-shaped border
Reverse Legend: nasir amir al-mu'minin ghawath al-islam wa'l muslimin khallada allah malkahu, within double ruled circle, marginal legend with AH date and mint Firuzabad
Date c. AH 803-10 (= 1400-08)
Weight 10.73 gm.
Diameter 30 mm.
Die axis 10 o'clock
Reference GG B242, Raj 229
Comments Huge 30 mm flan, a CHOICE specimen!
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