INDIA, Paramaras of Malwa: Jaya Varma I (c. 1142-44) Silver drachm. UNPUBLISHED, RARE and CHOICE!


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Obverse Degenerate Indo-Sasanian style bust right, under canopy
Reverse Two-line Devanagari legend: Sri Jaita Va / ma Deva, within a dotted field
Date c. 1142-1144
Weight 4.03 gm.
Diameter 12 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference Unpublished (not listed in Deyell or Mitchiner)
Comments The Paramaras of Malwa were feudatories of the Pratiharas and Rashtrakutas in the ninth and tenth centuries, eventually achieving their independence late in the tenth century. Their independence lasted into the 13th century, when they were temporarily subjugated by Iltutmish, the Muslim Sultan of Delhi, in 1233. By 1235, the Paramaras had regained their independence, but there followed an unsettled period during which they were in constant battle with the Delhi Sultanate in the north and the Yadavas in the south. Eventually, Mohammed Khalji, the Delhi Sultan, annexed Malwa for good in 1305.

The attribution of this coin is tentative. I could not find it in any of the usual catalogs. It might be a coin of Jaitugideva (1235-43), although this is unlikely, given how different it is in style from the coins of Jaya Varma II (1255-74). The difference in style suggests this is a much earlier coin, and the attribution to Jaya Varma I seems plausible. But the coin could belong to a completely different dynasty altogether. However, I was unable to find a ruler named Jayavarma in any of the other candidate dynasties, such as the Silaharas or Vaghelas.

The reverse die was obviously much larger than the coin flan, so that the legend is never fully present on one coin. It needs to be pieced together from several specimens. See the illustration below for a rendition of the complete legend.
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