BRITISH INDIA, BOMBAY PRESIDENCY: Silver rupee in the name of Shah Alam II (1754-1759), issued 1803-24 in Bombay. CHOICE!


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Obverse Legend, naming Shah Alam, and flower or star privy mark of Bombay
Reverse Legend, including regnal year 46
Date 1800-24 CE
Weight 11.56 gm.
Diameter 19 mm.
Die axis 10 o'clock
Reference Pridmore 270, KM 664
Comments Although this coin lists a regnal year of 46, which corresponds to the year 1803-04, it may have been issued in any year from 1803 to 1824, since the year 46 became a frozen year on this Surat type coinage. Pridmore and Mitchiner say the coin could have been issued from 1800-24, the period when the minting had been moved from Surat to Bombay, but before the 1825 types were introduced. However, it sems to me that an issue during 1800-02 can be ruled out, as those years preceded Shah Alam's RY 46. Note the flower or star privy mark as the lowest of the four dots in the center of the obverse. A CHOICE coin!
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