Indo-Greek: Bhadrayasha base AR drachm. RARE!


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Obverse Diademed bust of king right, remnants of Greek legend around
Reverse Athena Alkidemos standing left, seen from behind, holding shield on outstretched left arm, and hurling thunderbolt with right hand, monograms at right, Kharoshthi legend around: Maharajasa tratarasa // Bhadrayashasa
Date c. 10 CE
Weight 2.07 gm.
Diameter 15 mm.
Die axis 1 o'clock
Reference MIG 476
Comments Bhadrayasha was an ephemeral ruler who seems to have followed Strato II and III in the Jammu area. His coins were almost unobtainable until a small group of them was found a few years ago; they are still very rare. This coin could perhaps be improved with a little gentle cleaning.
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