INDIA, Akaras of Samatata: Pradyumnakara AR 64-ratti. VERY RARE!


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Obverse Recumbent bull left, Brahmi legend above: Pradyumnakarah, crescent moon above legend,all within ruled circle and dotted border.
Reverse Ornamental trident, moon and sun aboveleafy vine, all within ruled circle and dotted border.
Weight 6.68 gm.
Diameter 31 mm.
Die axis 7 o'clock
Reference Mitchiner Land of Water 91 var.
The Akaras ruled in the Samatata region of Bengal in the late 6th and early 7th century (approximately 575-644). Mitchiner calls this dynasty the Karas and dates them later, to around 730. Presumably, they were Shaivites, as attested by the presence of Nandi, Shiva's bull vahana on the obverse, and a trident on the reverse of their coins. Their coinage is exceedingly rare; only just over 100 coins are known for all 15 known rulers. Mitchiner, in his Land of Water, shows coins of 9 rulers and values them at £600 each.
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