Ionia, Phokaia EL Hekte, Very RARE, Near EF, 521 - 478 B.C.E.


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Bodenstedt 43, SNG Von Aulock --, Near EF, 10.9mm, 2.56 grams , Struck Circa. 521 - 478 B.C.E.


Obverse: Facing head of Silenos with wide, open eyes, broad beard and long mustache

Reverse: Quadripartite incuse square


A truly beautiful Archaic coin that needs to be seen for full appreciation. Small, but still BOLD and IMPRESSIVE. Very RARE with only nine example recorded by Bodenstedt, five of which are in museums (Cambridge, London, Berlin & Karlsruhe [2]).


Ex: CNG Triton XIII, January, 2010, lot #187

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