Cn Lentulus Clodianus, 88 BC. AR Denarius. Consular General defeated by Sparticus.


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Roman Republic

Cn Lentulus Clodianus
88 BC
Silver Denarius (3.71 gm)

Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus was
defeated by Sparticus 16 years later in 72 BC as Consular General during the Third Servile  (Gladiator) War along with fellow Consular General,  Lucius Gellius Publicola.

Obv: Helmeted head of Mars right.
Rev: Victory in biga right, holding wreath; in exergue, CN LENTVL

Crawford 345/1 ; RSC Cornelia 50 ; Sear 254
This coin commemorates victories of M. Claudius Mf Mn Marcellus over Hannibal in 2nd Punic War
which culminated in capture of Syracuse in 212 BC. 
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