z Republican Denarius. 55 BC . Pompey captures Aristobulus. Scarce Type


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Aulus Plautius, aedilis curulis  55 BC

Silver Denarius  (3.4 gm)
Obv : Turreted head of Cybele right; A PLAVTIVS  before, [AED CVR S C] behind
Rev :  Aristobulus kneeling right, extending olive-branch, camel at his side; [BA]CCHIVS in exergue, IVDAEVS on right
 While much speculation surrounds the identity of the surrendering person on the
  reverse, it is most likely Aristobulus, the Jewish high priest, who surrendered to
  Pompey in 63 BC and was subsequently paraded though Rome. His imprisonment,
 escape,  and re-imprisonment in Rome, circa 56 BC, would make him the most
 notable Judean in  Rome at the time of the present issue (see Harlan, Roman
  Republican Moneyers and their Coinage, 63-49 BC). 
 Aulus Plautius was a general of Pompey.
References : Plautia 13; Sear #395 (RCV 2000)
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