z Florianus . 276 AD . Rare Emperor (only reigned 2 months) . Affordable Budget Coin


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Florianus . 276 AD .

Bronze Antoninianus

IMP FLORIANVS AVG; Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.

CONCORDIA MILITVM; Emperor standing left, receiving a wreath from Victory

Florianus, half brother of Tacitus was emperor from April to June of 276 AD . He was killed by his own soldiers eager to avoid battle against the troops of Probus, then Eastern commander of Syria and Egypt

The minimum value of any antoninianus of this short-lived emperor in the 1988 Sear Catalog is 90 English Pounds in VF (approx $160.) . This one is not VF, but the portrait is good enough to fill the spot for this emperor and the price is very reasonable.

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