Venice, AR grosso, Pietro Gradenigo, 1289-1310 AD - Christ enthroned


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Obverse:  PA GRADONIGO SM VENETI DVX the Doge (military governor) standing facing receiving banner from St. Mark.  DVX is to the right of the doge and running vertically alongside the banner.
Reverse:  nimbate, enthroned, and facing figure of Jesus Christ, IC XC in fields to left and right
Interesting asides: The iconography of Christ is exactly that used by the Russian Orthodox church on icons.
medium grey toning, minimal clipping, nice strong strike of Christ.   Superb strike on Christ and St. Mark, the doge doesn't quite make it, a little blurring of legend.

20mm, 2.13 grams

These thin silver coins of Venice particularly fascinate me due to their place in history.  The Byzantine Empire was clearly troubled on many fronts and Venice was stepping up as the leading maritime power in the Christian world.  The grosso was introduced in 1192 AD and was quickly accepted (and copied) throughout the Mediterranean.  Bulgaria, Serbia, other Medieval states copied the coin.
The grosso held amazing uniformity for hundreds of years with the obverse depicting Christ enthoned and the reverse depicting the doge of Venice standing next to St. Mark. 
A fascinating coin that is contemporary with the Byzantine Empire.

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