Constantine I, AE Follis, VIRTVTI EXERCITVS, EF, Unlisted in RIC


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O: IMP C FL VAL CONSTANTINVS PF AVG; Laureate head facing right.

R: VIRTVTI E-XERCITVS; Virtus advancing right, holding trophy over left shoulder, transverse spear in right hand; A in right field, SMNT in exergue.

Unlisted in RIC, (4.96g, 22mm, 12H).

This one has Nicomedia style, weight, inscription and is likely a missing link variety of what would be RIC #70c. The exergue marking is somewhat atypical of Nicomedia (more like AD 312 from Heraclea, but they struck VIRTVTI EXERCITI). Perhaps a mint worker transfer from Heraclea to Nicomedia slipping up and exhibiting elements from both mints. Another beautiful rarity from the Clayton collection.

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