Macedonian Kings

Ancient Greek coins from the Macedonian Kingdom in modern-day northern Greece. The kingdom existed from 808 BC to 168 BC. Subcategories are rulers in chronological order, from the time when they minted coinage, including Doki, Alexander I, Perdikkas II, Archelaus, Aeropos, Amyntas II, Pausanias, Amyntas III, Alexander II, Perdikkas III, Philip II, Alexander III, Philip III, Alexander IV, Anonymous Bronze, Kassander, Eupolemus, Antigonas Monophtalmus, Philip IV, Alexander V, Demetrius Poliorcetes, Pyrrhos, The Interregnum, Antigonas II Gonatas, Demetrius II, Antigonas III Doson, Adaeus, Philip V, Perseus, Time of Philip V and Perseus, and Philip VI.