Perseus AR Tetradrachm, Choice EF, FINE STYLE, 174/173 B.C.E.

Ancient Coins - Perseus AR Tetradrachm, Choice EF, FINE STYLE, 174/173 B.C.E.
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SNG Copenhagen 1266, Gulbenkian 887, Mamroth Perseus 4, CHOICE EF, Fine Style, minor rev. deposits, 30.7mm, 16.76 grams, Amphipolis or Pella Mint


Obverse: Diademed head of Perseus to right

Reverse: Eagle with spread wings standing right on thunderbolt, Monogram for Zoilos magistrate above, ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΠΕPΣΕΩΣ across fields, ME monogram to right, EY monogram below, all within oak wreath


A SUPERB coin in the finest Hellenistic Style with lovely light peripheral toning and in the rarer higher Attic standard. A real beauty!


Ex: Heritage 3020, September 2012, lot 24920

Ex: Stack's Coin Galleries, April 1992, lot 141


Perseus was the last independent king of Macedon, succeeding his father Philip V after Philip had his pro-Roman son Demetrius executed. Perseus skillfully rebuilt the Macedonian army and a network of marriage alliances during his early reign, which the Romans watched with rising alarm. The Third Macedonian War broke out in 171 BC, with Perseus enjoying some early successes. He chose to risk all in a single pitched battle at Pydna and was defeated by the Roman general Lucius Aemilius Paullus. Perseus surrendered and was allowed to live out his life in comfortable captivity in Rome. The Macedonian Kingdom was divided into four Republics which were brought under Roman rule.

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