Legion X LXF Countermarked, Sebaste AE, Domitian, 81 - 96 C.E.

Ancient Coins - Legion X "LXF" Countermarked, Sebaste AE, Domitian, 81 - 96 C.E.
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Soafer 2, Rosenberger 4, coin is a Bold F+/F with natural deposits, 24.6mm, 11.22 grams


Obverse: Laureate head of Domitian to right, countermark "LXF"

Reverse: Tyche standing to left, resting right foot on object, holding globe and scepter


A LOVELY example with the FULL "LXF" (not just "XF"). BOLD and with untouched natural patina. Countermarked coins are usually well worn but this one is quite clear! (White contrast and roughness exaggerated on photo)


Legion X Fretensis (LXF) was the main legion with conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple. They continued to be stationed in Judaea after the war and especially in the time of Hadrian and the Bar Kokhba revolt. A better example of these.

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