Ancient Egypt. Late Dynastic Period (1085-332 BC). Amulet of the air god Shu.

Ancient Coins - Ancient Egypt. Late Dynastic Period (1085-332 BC).  Amulet of the air god "Shu".
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Ancient Egypt
Late Dynastic Period
circa 1085-332 BC
Glazed powdered quartz composite (Faience)
12 mm ; 0.57 gm 

 This is a green faience amulet representing the god Shu with arms upraised on either side of his head. There is a pierced suspension loop through the bar on back side. Shu holds the sky apart from the earth to make room for the sun-disc. The lower part of amulet lost in antiquity.

  As Lord of the Air or Atmosphere, it was Shu's duty to seperate his children: the sky (the goddess Nut) and the earth (Nut's husband, Geb). His eternal occupation was holding Nut up above Geb. It was said that if he ever was removed from his place, Chaos would come to the Universe. Many images show him holding up his daughter, while his son reclines beneath him.
  His name means "dry, parched, withered".  He was asssociated with the heat of the sunlight and the dryness of the air. Shu was considered the god of the space and light between the sky and the earth. Shu was believed to also hold power over snakes and he was the one that held the Ladder the deceased used to climb to heaven.
  Shu is shown as a man who wears on his head one to four feathers. Many figurines show him holding up the sky with his two hands (as does this amulet).
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