Dukes of Monmouth and Argyle beheaded, 1685.

World Coins - Dukes of Monmouth and Argyle beheaded, 1685.
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James II (1685-1688), Dukes of Monmouth and Argyle Beheaded, 1685, Silver Medal by Regnier Arondeaux, bust of James II, as a Roman general, with four sceptres representing England, Scotland, Ireland and France below, all on a pedestal with crown and garter, IACOBVS II D . G . MAG . BRI . FRAN . ET . HIB . REX ., ARAS ET SCEPTRA TUEMUR, Neptune in sea-car, and ships, behind, rev Justice standing between the decapitated Dukes, their heads on pedestals, in the distance troops retreat, and, on tall spikes above the Tower of London, the Dukes' heads again, AMBITIO MALESUADA RUIT, 62mm (Eimer 281; MI i 615/27, v Loon III 307). Fields very lightly buffed, about extremely fine.
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