Egypt, Carnelian bead in shape of lion head. EXTREMELY RARE!

Ancient Coins - Egypt, Carnelian bead in shape of lion head. EXTREMELY RARE!
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 Size 2.1 cm, 10 cen B.C.

An amulet is a small object that a person wears, carries, or offers to a deity because he or she believes that it will magically bestow a particular power or form of protection. The conviction that a symbol, form, or concept provides protection, promotes well-being, or brings good luck is common to all societies. In ancient Egypt, amulets might be carried, used in necklaces, bracelets, or rings, and—especially—placed among a mummy's bandages to ensure the deceased a safe, healthy, and productive afterlife.
The Lion with its proud noble features is seen as a universal symbol of strength and has a natural air of authority. In the flesh or in symbolism the Lion holds his head high and oozes dignity and confidence in all circumstances. A Lion Amulet is created with the intention of capturing this animal's calm nobility and belief in oneself for its guidance, comfort and protection. The Lion is well known for his courage and territorial defense and many altars, temples and other sacred places display this creature's protective image.
To the ancient Egyptians the Lioness was associated with the much loved Goddess Sekhmet who governed over the power and ferocity of the Sun. She was regarded as a great protector of the good and a defeater of evil and her name translates as 'powerful one'.
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