Trajan, AE Dupondius "Abundantia" Rome RIC 382 EF

Ancient Coins - Trajan, AE Dupondius "Abundantia" Rome RIC 382 EF
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Emperor: Trajan. Obverse: IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG GERM PM Radiate head right. Reverse: TR POT COS IIII PP Abundantia seated left on chair made of two crossed cornucopia, holding scepter; SC in exergue. Mint & Date of Striking: Rome Mint 101-102 AD. References: RIC II 382. Size/Denomination/Weight: 27mm, AE As, 12.77g. Numismatic Notes: Sharp EF grade and with a pleasing green-brown patina. Features the Roman goddess Abundantia. Some smoothing, causing dark spots. However, they do not detract much from the coin's appeal.
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