Tetricus II AE Antoninianus SPES AVGG Spes, Flower Mainz or Trier 273-274 AD

Ancient Coins - Tetricus II AE Antoninianus "SPES AVGG Spes, Flower" Mainz or Trier 273-274 AD
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Tetricus II AE Antoninianus. Mainz or Trier Mint 273-274 AD. Obverse: C PIV ESV TETRICVS CAES, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, from behind. Reverse: SPES AVGG, Spes advancing left extending flower in right, raising skirt drapery with left. References: RIC 270. Size: 19mm, 3.05g. Numismatic Notes: Splendid portrait and a nice red-brown patina!
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