Romulus AE Follis AETERNAE MEMORIAE Domed Temple Ostia Under Maxentius Rare

Ancient Coins - Romulus AE Follis "AETERNAE MEMORIAE Domed Temple" Ostia Under Maxentius Rare
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Romulus AE Follis. Ostia Mint Posthumously Under Maxentius 309/312 AD. Obverse: DIVO ROMVMO N V BIS CONS Bare head of Romulus right. Reverse AETERNAE MEMORIAE Eagle atop domed hexastyle temple, right door ajar; MOSTP. RIC VI: 34 Rare. Size: 23mm, 3.81g. Numismatic Notes: Romulus (Valerius Romulus) was the son of Maxentius. He was appointed Caesarship by Maxentius, but dies in 309 AD. his coinage is incredibly hard to find!
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