Postumus AR Antoninianus SALVS PROVINCIARVM Rhine Reclining Treveri RIC 87 aEF

Ancient Coins - Postumus AR Antoninianus "SALVS PROVINCIARVM Rhine Reclining" Treveri RIC 87 aEF
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Postumus AR Antoninianus. Treveri (Trier) Mint 260 AD. Obverse: IMP C POSTVMVS PF AVG Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: SALVS PROVINCIARVM Rhine, with horns, reclining left, resting on run and holding reeds, prow before. References: RIC 87. Size: 22mm, 2.42g. Professional Numismatic Notes: A very scarce type! Nearly EF; toned with some deposits.
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