Phrygia, Philomelion AE21 Winged Nike & Two Cornucopiae, Thunderbolt Rare

Ancient Coins - Phrygia, Philomelion AE21 "Winged Nike & Two Cornucopiae, Thunderbolt" Rare
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Phrygia, Philomelion. 2nd-1st Century BC. Obverse: Draped and winged bust of Nike right, holding palm frond over shoulder. Reverse: FILOMHL / SKU-QEI Two cornucopiae tied at the base, thunderbolt, crescent and star at center. BMC: 3, SNG Cop 644-645, SNG Von Aulock 3916 Rare. Size: 21mm, 6.62g. Numismatic Notes: Good fine and a very rare location!
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