Otho, AR Denarius "Jupiter Seated" RIC 22 Very Rare

Ancient Coins - Otho, AR Denarius "Jupiter Seated" RIC 22 Very Rare
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Emperor: Otho. Obverse: IMP OTHO CAESAR AVG TR P Bare head right. Reverse: PONT MAX Jupiter seated right on throne, holding thunderbolt and scepter. Mint & Date of Striking: Rome Mint 69 AD. References: RIC I 22 R3 RARE. Size/Denomination/Weight: 18mm, AR Silver Denarius, 3.10g. Very rare and near VF! Otho is by far the rarest of the 12 Caesars of Early Rome. His reign consisted of only a few months in 69 AD during the civil war which ensued after the death of Nero. There was a conspiracy to murder Otho, but he ended up committing suicide before the conspirators could do so. The bust on this coin is nearly VF for the type. The reverse is a rare Jupiter enthroned variety. Arguably one of the better reverse types for Otho.
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