Maximian Silvered Follis "Genius" Heraclea Fully Silvered

Ancient Coins - Maximian Silvered Follis "Genius" Heraclea Fully Silvered
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Emperor: Maximian. Obverse: IMP C MA MAXIMIANVS PF AVG Laureate head right. Reverse: GENIO POPVLI ROMANI Genius standing left holding cornucopiae and pouring libation from patera; HTE in exergue. Mint & Date of Striking: Heraclea Mint 297-283 AD. References: RIC VI 19b var (Obverse legends). Size/Denomination/Weight: 26mm, Silvered Follis, 10.07g. EF details, well centered, with just about full silvering. Some toning over parts of the silvering. Vert sharp and very attractive.
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