Lydia, Tralles AE16 "Demeter & Eagle Flying"Rare

Ancient Coins - Lydia, Tralles AE16 "Demeter & Eagle Flying"Rare
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Location: Lydia, Tralles. Obverse: Veiled head of Demeter right. Reverse: TRALLIANWN Eagle flying right; wreath in left field, winged caduceus in right. Mint & Date of Striking: Lydia, Tralles Mint 2nd-1st Century BC. References: BMC 73 EXTREMELY RARE. Size/Denomination/Weight: 16mm, AE Bronze, 5.16g. Numismatic Notes: About VF, attractive, and extremely rare! From the KL collection, which was compiled in the 70's. It comes with his original 2x2 collection envelope with his attribution written on it. It will also come with my professional attribution in a ready to store 2x2 flip.
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