Julian II, AE1 "Apis Bull" Constantinople, Tooled

Ancient Coins - Julian II,  AE1 "Apis Bull" Constantinople, Tooled
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Julian II AE1 . Constantinople Mint 361-363 AD. Obverse: DN FL CL IVLIANVS PF AVG diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: SECVRITAS REIPVB. Apis bull standing right, two stars above; COSMNGI in exergue. RIC VII: 164 (Mintmark tooled to look different, not by me). Size: 28mm, 6.62g. Numismatic Notes: VF, but smoothed and tooled. The exergue in particular, having been retooled to look like that of Nicomedia. Ex CNG, tooling not noted.
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