Ionia Smyrna "Two Nemeses" Time of Septimius Rare

Ancient Coins - Ionia Smyrna "Two Nemeses" Time of Septimius Rare
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Ionia, Smyrna. Time of Septimius Severus and Family & The Third Neocoria Circa 200 AD. Obverse: IEPACN KLHTOC Draped youthful bust of the senate right. Reverse: CMVRN AI WNGNEW Two Nemeses face to face, each with bent arm plucking chiton at neck, one holding bridle the other cubit rule, with a wheel at feet; KORWN in exergue. BMC: 227-8 Rare. Size: 26mm, 6.51g. Numismatic Notes: Near Fine. A rare type, specifically attributed to the time of Septimius Severus and his family.
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