Ionia, Leukai AE10 "Apollo & Swan" Rare

Ancient Coins - Ionia, Leukai AE10 "Apollo & Swan" Rare
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Location: Ionia, Leukai. Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo left. Reverse: Swan standing left with flapping wings, head not turned back; LEO above; Monogram left. Mint & Date of Striking: Ionia, Leukai 350-300 BC. References: BMC 3 var (City name above swan, not in exergue, presence of monogram on reverse, along with the small size of the coin are all unpublished). Size/Denomination/Weight: 10mm, AE Bronze,1.11g. Numismatic Notes: A very rare and attractive coin! The position of the magistrates name, the monogram, and the small size of this coin are all unpublished. From the KL collection, which was compiled in the 70's. It comes with his original 2x2 collection envelope with his attribution written on it. It will also come with my professional attribution in a ready to store 2x2 flip.
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