Ionia, Klazomenai AE10 "Athena & Ram's Head" RARE Early Variety EF

Ancient Coins - Ionia, Klazomenai AE10 "Athena & Ram's Head" RARE Early Variety EF
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Location: Ionia, Klazomenai. Obverse: Head of Athena right wearing close-fitted crested helmet with cheek piece lowered. Reverse: KLA below Ram's head right. Mint & Date of Striking: Ionia, Klazomenai Mint Before 387 BC. References: BMC 32 VERY RARE. Size/Denomination/Weight: 10mm, AE Bronze, 1.24g. Numismatic Notes: Attractive VF example of this scarce type. This coin is a special one because it was the first bronze coin minted at Klazomenae, and was the only bronze coin minted until 387 BC. This earlier type is distinguished in two ways, first the city legends are below the ram's head, and there is no exergural line. Second, Athena is seen wearing a close fitting helmet with the ear piece lowered (note, no ear visible). This is a high quality example of this rare coin!
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