Herennia Etruscilla AE29 Dacia , Lion Eagle, No Legion Banner Dacian Mint Rare

Ancient Coins - Herennia Etruscilla AE29 "Dacia , Lion Eagle, No Legion Banner" Dacian Mint Rare
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Herennia Etruscilla. Dacia Mint Year 4 = 249/250 AD. Obverse: HER ETRVSCILLA AVG, diademed draped bust right. Reverse: PROVINCIA DACIA, Dacia standing left holding curved sword & standards inscribed with stars, AN IIII in exergue. SGI: 4219 var (banners without legion numbers) Rare. Size: 29mm, 17.20g. Numismatic Notes: About fine. This coin appears to have been smoothed and possibly smoothed (obviously not by me, I abhor this practice). I do not know if the legion numbers are missing as minted, or if they were just lost in the smoothing process. Either way, Dacian coins of Herennia Etruscilla are scarce!
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