Gordian III AE25 Tyche Seated on Rock, Poppy Thrace Hadrianopolis Rare

Ancient Coins - Gordian III AE25 "Tyche Seated on Rock, Poppy" Thrace Hadrianopolis Rare
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Gordian III. Thrace, Hadrianopolis Mint 238-244 AD. Obverse: AUT KM TO - T GORDIANOC Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: ADRIANOPOLEI TWN Tyche seated left on rock, foot on river-god below, holding poppy and cornucopia. Varbanov: -, Moushmov 2709 Rare. Size: 25mm, 7.12g. Numismatic Notes: A rare type! Unfortunately, the obverse appears to have been strengthened (tooled from a fine grade to "VF"). The reverse, however, appears to not have been tooled at all.
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