Gordian III & Tranquillina "Hygeia" Thrace, Anchialus

Ancient Coins - Gordian III & Tranquillina "Hygeia" Thrace, Anchialus
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Emperor: Gordian III with wife, Tranquillina. Obverse: AVT K M ANT GORDIANOC AVG CAB TRANKVILLI Confrotned draped busts of Gordian III and Tranquillina. Reverse: OVLPIANWN AGIALEWN Hygeia standing right feeding snake. Mint & Date of Striking: Thrace, Anchialus Mint 238-244 AD. References: Moushmov 2964. Size/Denomination/Weight: 24mm, AE Bronze, 8.97g. Numismatic Notes: A nice example of a husband and wife mintage. Some deposits on the reverse.
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