Gallienus Zoo Series, AE Ant. "Panther" VF RIC 230

Ancient Coins - Gallienus Zoo Series, AE Ant. "Panther" VF RIC 230
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Emperor: Gallienus. Obverse: GALLIENVS AVG Radiate head right. Reverse: LIBERO P CONS AVG Panther walking left, B in exergue. Mint & Date of Striking: Rome Mint 260-268 AD. References: RIC V 230. Size/Denomination/Weight: 21mm, AE Antoninianus, 2.12g. Numismatic Notes: A very nice coin from the zoo series. These coins were struck by Gallienus to invoke the power of the gods in his battles against Aureolus (Postumus). This one was struck to invoke the protection of Liber. A great coin with a great price!
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