Faustina II Posthumous Sestertius SIDERIBVS RECEPTA Received by the Stars Rome

Ancient Coins - Faustina II Posthumous Sestertius "SIDERIBVS RECEPTA Received by the Stars" Rome
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Faustina II Posthumous Sestertius. Rome Mint 176-177 AD. Obverse: DIVA FAVSTINA PIA, draped bust right. Reverse: SIDERIBVS RECEPTA (received by the stars) S C, Diana standing right holding torch, crescent behind neck. RIC III: 1715. Size: 30mm, 25.98g. Numismatic Notes: About VF with a choice glossy dark-green patina! The reverse legends translate to "received by the stars"! This intriguing reverse is found on no other Roman coin!
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