Domitian Dupondius Two Oval Shields, Crossed, Trumpets RIC 372 Rare Near EF

Ancient Coins - Domitian Dupondius "Two Oval Shields, Crossed, Trumpets" RIC 372 Rare Near EF
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Domitian AE Dupondius. Rome Mint 85 AD. Obverse: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM COS XI CENS POT P P Bust of Domitian, radiate, right with aegis. Reverse: S-C Oval shields crossed over crossed spears and trumpets, vexillum upright. RIC: 372 Rare. Size: 27mm, 13.01g. Numismatic Notes: Nearly EF and rare! The reverse appears to be slightly tooled on the right side to enhance the detail that was already present. It could also be that the defect at striking that caused a dip around the devices, but more likely it was tooled. The obverse is very strong, and is completely untouched.
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