Cilicia, Tarsus AE26 "Pyramidal Structure With Sandan on Animal"

Ancient Coins - Cilicia, Tarsus AE26 "Pyramidal Structure With Sandan on Animal"
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Location: Cilicia, Tarsus. Obverse: Turreted head of Tyche right. Reverse: TARSEWN Pyramidal structure containing figure of Sandan right on horned animal, mounted on garlanded base. Mint & Date of Striking: Cilicia, Tarsus Mint 2nd Century BC. References: SNG Levante 961, Milonnet 390, Aulock 5972 var (This coin is larger). Size/Denomination/Weight: 26mm, AE Bronze, 13.74g. Numismatic Notes: About Fine and a scarce coin, of the larger variety (Typically only 20mm, this coin is 26mm). Much more attractive in hand. Some light scratches behind Tyche (done in ancient times apparently, because they are patinated the same) do nothing to detract from the details (they are actually much less apparent in hand).
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