Caracalla AE22 Artemis, Veil Blowing & Bow Arkadia Caphyae Extremely Rare

Ancient Coins - Caracalla AE22 "Artemis, Veil Blowing & Bow" Arkadia Caphyae Extremely Rare
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Caracalla. Arkadia, Caphyae Mint 198-211 AD. Obverse: MA AVR ANTWNINOC Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: KAFYI ATWN, Artemis, with veil billowing, running left, head right, holding torch and bow. BMC: -, SNG Copenhagen -; BCD Peloponnesus -; Cf. BCD Peloponnesus 1385; Lindgren II – Extremely Rare. Size: 22mm, 5.88g. Numismatic Notes: About VF and an excessively rare mint! A great example!
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