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Ancient Coins - Sokrates Reproduction Fresco
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Sokrates Wall painting from a house at Ephesos, second half of the 1st cent. AD.

Here the name above the figure was hardly necessary: his blunt �satiric� features were part of his enduring cult reputation.

Approximate size: 10.4 cm x 14 cm (4.2" x 5.5"), mounted on black foam board 12.5 cm x 16.4 cm (4.9" x 6.5").

�Love of knowledge� is what philosophia literally means. Systematic pursuit of intellectual questions and logical argumentation were the signs of this love, a passion exemplified by no one more than Socrates. Socrates used to say that he was without wisdom (Sophia), but was curious to find out which of his contemporaries truly possessed it.


This is a must to own item for anyone who loves ancient Roman art!

Perfect gift !

The real replica is much nicer than it looks in pictures.

This fresco replica was %100 hand-crafted by picture transferring on plaster slab.

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