Dionysus & Mount Vesuvius Reproduction Fresco

Ancient Coins - Dionysus & Mount Vesuvius Reproduction Fresco
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From the lararium of the House of the Centenary - Pompeii c. 30 - 50 AD

Approximate size: 12.5 cm x 16 cm (4.9" x 6.4"),
mounted on black foam board 15.5 cm x 19 cm (6.1" x 7.5").

Dionysus with grape dress resting on thyrsus and holding kantharos from which panther drinks wine. The last painting of the mount Vesuv in back ground before it erupted; above is a garland and on the garland is a bird. A serpent and an altar are in foreground. The snake in this picture is called "agathodemon", meaning "the good god".

A very picturesque scene!

This is a very nice item for anyone who loves ancient art and wall paintings with extremely beautiful pastel colors!

Since the original wall paintings are already in museums and/or ancient sites this is as close as you can get to them!

Perfect gift item!

The real replica is much nicer than it looks in pictures.

This fresco replica was %100 hand-crafted by picture transferring on plaster slab.

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