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PRUSIAS I KING OF BITHYNIA.238-183 BC. Tetradrachm.  17,28 g
- 36 mm flan.

Head of king Prusias facing right wearing diadem and short curly hair and
whiskers.Zeus standing left, laureate
,lower part of body draped in himation
the end of which is thrown over left shoulder, leaning with left hand on

sceptre. In right hand  wreath with which he crowns the king,s name.

ME above ANR. ( two monograms to inner left).  

SNG Von Aulock 6878. Boston  1380.See also Waddington, op.cit., 220,9 ;
Pl. XX1X, 10.

See also Dewing: 2155.  Hirsch 1436. RG.9. 

Some remaining  hoard patina and scattered toned over scratches do not distract.

Portrait in the finest style. Nearly completely lustrous.

This tetradrachm was struck in Nicomedia. The capital of his kingdom. The die orientation is 12h.
The flan is extremely large. His portrait shows a man of intelligence and sensibility, who like his
grandfather worked unceasingly to extend his kingdom. The famous Hannibal had been driven
to flight in 202 bc, and several years later appeared at the court of Prusias in Nicomedia. However the
Romans would not permit "The one man she had ever feared "to end his days in peace.
In 183 BC the Famous Roman general T. Quinctius Flamininus came to demand that Hannibal be
handed over to Rome,s vengeance, and King Prusias prepared to comply. The story goes that hearing 
a noise in the night Hannibal send a slave to enquire the cause, who returned to report that the
house was surrounded by soldiers. Rather than be taken as a prisoner, Hannibal drank the poison
which he habitually had by him for some such eventuality. "Let us ease "he said the Romans of
their continual dread and care, who think it long and tedious to await the death of a hated old man,
thus reported Plutarch. The image of Zeus Stratios( reverse) was created by the Bythinian sculptor
Doidalses, which was erected in the large temple of Zeus  from Nikomedeia.
See also: L. Laurenzi, La personalitsa di Doidalses di Bitinia, Annuario della Scuola Archeologica
di Atene 8-10, 1950, 167f. image.1. 
For sure this portrait of the King of Bithynia is one of the most beautiful of the Hellenistic series.



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