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PERSEUS KING OF MACEDONIA. 178-168 BC.Tetradrachm 16,69 g. Attic
 weight. Diademed head of Perseus facing right.

Flanking eagle with spread wings standing three quarters right on thunderbolt.
Oak wreath border around .

Three monograms: 4/5/6.  Ex. Doubles du Cabinet Numismatique de
L. Ermitage.Ventes F. Schlessinger, Berlin 27 fevrier 1935. 786 ( THIS COIN)

et auctiones SA Bale 13 ( 1983) 170.
See also: A. Mamroth " Die Silbermunzen
des Konigs Perseus ", ZFN.  38(1928) 15.12.(THIS COIN).
A beautiful pedigree coin with an old cabinet tone and extremely fine. 
Struck in Amphipolis. Ex. Collection Pierre Arnaud. Hess-Divo 307-lot 1149.  

Perseus was the last king of Macedonia. He received a difficult inheritance
from his father, Phuilip V of Macedonia. Rome was always suspecious of him
for having  apparently caused the death of his popular and pro-Roman brother 
Demetrius. However Perseus tried a renewal of his father,s treaty and by
keeping the senate informed about his intentions in Greece. In his character
he differed greatly from his father, from whose failures he had  certainly
learned. It was his foreign policy that the  Roman senate disliked.Eumenes
the second of Pergamon was Macedon,s most formidable neighbour, against
whom Perseus must necessarily be on his guard. By marrying the daughter
of Seleucus IV of Syria, and by giving his own halfsister as wife to Prusias II
of Bythynia, he secured useful allies against Eumenes. In the end it was
the intrigues of Eumenes coupled with Roman fears and suspicions which
precipitated the final Macedonian War ( 171 BC). a conflict draging on for
more than three years.  In 168BC the Roman General Aemilius Paulus,
an experienced general , able to coordinate the operations of the Roman
fleet and army  and bring Perseus to battle at Pydna in Macedonia.
The Macedonians were slaughtered and Perseus fled to Samothrace where
he surrendered to the Romans. He was taken to Rome to adorn Paullus,
triumph and died two years later in Italy.
This was the end of Macedonia as a national state. The Antigonid dynasty
was dethroned and the country divided into four republics between which
no political or economic intercourse was permitted.

For the interested collector: We just added the original sales catalogue to our stock, in which this Tetradrachm
of Perseus is pictured.  Munz-Auktion 4. Februar 1935. Sammlung Griechischer Munzen aus Museumbesitz.
Lot nr. 786. This coin. Felix Schlessinger, Berlin-Charlottenburg. a beautiful hardbound catalogue in half

black morocco and blue cloth boards. Two line gilt panelling raised bands, blue morocco labels to spine.
Panelled and lettered in gilt, gilt decoration in compartments. All edges gilt. Ex Prospero library lot 279.
a beautiful important catalogue from the Hermitage sales.  € 350,- 
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