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DEMETRIOS 11 NIKATOR. SECOND REIGN. 129-126/5 bc. drachm.  silver, 4,13 g 12 ).
Struck in Tarsos. Diademed and bearded head of Demetrios to right.
rev: titles, Zeus seated left on throne, holding nike in his right hand and long sceptre in
his left, two monograms.
SC 2158,. SNG Spaer 2204.  Hoover 1128-a. Extremely rare. ( R3).
Nicely toned and with a wonderful portrait. Two old scrapes on the reverse.

Otherwise nearly extremely fine 

Demetrios 11 was much affected by his long captivity, he wore a full beard and long robe after
the Parthian fashion. King Phraates 11 returned him to Syria to create a diversion in  Antiochus war.
Demetrios also had to face another  pretender to the throne, Alexander 11 Zabinas.
After several years of civil war Demetrios was defeated near Damascus and retreated to Ake-Ptolemais
only to find that Cleopatra Thea had locked the city gates against him. He tried to take refuge in
the temple of Melqart at Tyre but was assassinated on board a ship in the Tyrian harbor, apparently
at his wife,s orders.
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