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ANTIMACHOS I KING OF BACTRIA. CIRCA 180-165 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 16,89 g 11),
Pushkalavati mint. diademed and draped bust of Antimachos to the right, wearing flat topped
kausia. Rev. royal titles and the God Poseidon nude to the waist, standing facing, holding long
trident in his right hand and filleted palm branch in his left hand.
Bopearachi Serie 1A, 1-2. Mitchiner 124f.  SNG ANS 274. Very sharp struck in high relief, and extremely
fine. An excellent portrait coin of this king, and on a broad flan.

The coinage of Baktria, in present - day Afghanistan, is one of the most romantic and elusive vestiges
of Hellenism. This ancient land was called: "The land of the thousand cities". The Greeks arrived with
the conquering armies of Alexander the Great, although a lot of Greeks already had been transported
there as a place of exile by the Persian kings. and remained after Alexander,s siege.
It became a part of the Seleucid empire.  The Satrap was able to establish it as an independent
kingdom in the mid 3rd century BC. The coinage of the Indo-Greek kings in Baktria and India is
remarkable for the gallery of outstanding portraits they bear.
The kings we do know from their coins are known solely from their coins.
Our coin is no exception: We know virtually nothing about Antimachos save for his outstanding
portraits, which are remarkable for their beauty and individuality. The kausia he is wearing, is the
Macedonian traveling or hunting cap.  The coins of Antimachos in truly superb condition are not
easy to find. The choice of the God Poseidon ( God of the sea) as a type in land-locked Baktria
is rather surprising, and to our knowlegde  referring to the land (Greece!) of their ancestors,
thousands of miles to the West. Remarkable how the excellent artist ( diecutter), shaped his
mouth in a wry half smile  . �ntimachos' origins are uncertain, he may have been a son of
Euthydemus and younger brother of Demetrius I.

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