Ancient Coins - ROMANIA.VOIVODES OF WALLACHIA.Dan I 1383-1386.Denier.
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ROMANIA.VOIVODES OF WALLACHIA.Dan I 1383-1386.Denier 0.52g  (15mm)
(+I)WΔaNO BO(EBO)Δa, around shield; sigla Θ  in right field, dot to right below second bar of shield;daots above shield.
Reverse.(+IW)ΔaN-OV BOEB(Δ?), eagle perched on helmet, sigla  
P, letter P recut over another letter.
Ref:MBR 83
About extremely fine, some striking weakness.
We stand behind the authenticity of our coins. Grading is subjective and the grade assigned may vary between numismatic professionals. The image is the best indicator of the grade.
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