PTOLEMAIC EMPIRE.Ptolemy II Philadelphos 285-246BC.AE.26.

Ancient Coins - PTOLEMAIC EMPIRE.Ptolemy II Philadelphos 285-246BC.AE.26.
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EGYPT.Alexandria.Ptolemy II Philadelphos 285-246BC.AE.(17.59g,26mm,12h)
Laurate bust of Zeus right.
Reverse.ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open, in front shield decorated with thunderbolt, behind eagle letterA
Ref:SNG Cop 114-118 var ( A not recorded in Copenhagen collection).
Good very fine / very fine, patchy olive green patina.

Highly artistic�depiction of Zeus.This type is oftern found in Sicily; Ptolemy was an ally of Hieron II.
I am convinced that the dies for these finely executed coins�were engraved by an Italian mint worker and probably the product of a mint beyond Egypt.This issue shares similar control marks as the issues of similar size�of Hieron II with rider on reverse. I have yet to�come across�an example with a definate Egyptian provenence.

Ex.Lockett collection.
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