ITALY.VATICAN.Sede Vacante Aug.-Dec. 1559.AR.Testone 1559.St.Peter.

Ancient Coins - ITALY.VATICAN.Sede Vacante Aug.-Dec. 1559.AR.Testone 1559.St.Peter.
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ITALY.VATICAN.Sede Vacante 18th August to 25th December 1559.AR.Testone 1559.Rome mint.
Carmelengo Guido Ascanio Sforza.
APOSTOLVS� S.PETRVS, Saint Peter enthroned, facing, right hand raised in benediction, keys to heaven in left hand, in exergue ROMA.
Reverse.SEDE.VAC-ANTE 1559, crossed keys above shield containing arms of Guildo Ascanio sforza, above canopy.
Ref:Berman 1058, Muntoni 206.3.
Good very fine, nice old collection tone.

Ex Reuthner collection.Sothebys London sale 2nd May 2001 part lot 277.
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