ITALY.GENOA.Republic 1139-1339.AR.Denier.

Ancient Coins - ITALY.GENOA.Republic 1139-1339.AR.Denier.
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ITALY.GENOA.Republic 1139-1339.AR.Denier.( 0.76g.17mm, 9h)
+• IA•NV•A•, Gateway.
Reverse.CVNRADRI REX, cross.
Lunardi Type D.
Extremely fine, obverse slight die shift.

The denariof Genoa served as the prototype for many deniers of other rulers inparticular coins of the Latin East; the early coins of Cyprus under theLusignans, County of Tripoli and issues of the knights of the orderofSaint John The Baptist while in Rhodes to name but a few.
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