ITALY.GENOA.Republic 1139-1339.AR.Denier.

Ancient Coins - ITALY.GENOA.Republic 1139-1339.AR.Denier.
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ITALY.GENOA.Republic 1139-1339.AR.Denier.( 0.82g.16mm)
+� IA�NV�A�, Gateway.
Reverse.CVNRADRI REX�, cross.
Ref:Metcalf: Numismatic Circular 1977 Type IIIc.
Extremely fine.

These coins of Genoa served as the prototype for many deniers of other rulers in particular coins of the Latin East; the early coins of Cyprus under the Lusignans, County of Tripoli and issues of the knights of the order of Saint John The Baptist while in Rhodes to name but a few.
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