CYPRUS.PAPHOS.Onasioikos c.400 BC.AR.Stater.

Ancient Coins - CYPRUS.PAPHOS.Onasioikos c.400 BC.AR.Stater.
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CYPRUS.PAPHOS.Onasioikos c.400 BC.AR.Stater.11.03g
Bull standing left wing sun disc above below syllabic.
Reverse.Eagle flying left, tiny syllabic letters PA and O above and below tail.
Ref:BMC Pl.XXI.14
usual weak obverse die; good fine / good very fine; test cut obverse.

This coin shares the same obverse die with the stater offered in Leu Numismatik AG auction 81 16.5.2006 but with a different reverse die.

Ex Lakeview collection.UBS Auction 61 14-16 Sept 2004 part lot 4071
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