CRUSADER.1st crusade:preferred coinage.LUCCA.12th cent.AD.Bi.Denier.

Ancient Coins - CRUSADER.1st crusade:preferred coinage.LUCCA.12th cent.AD.Bi.Denier.
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CRUSADER.1st crusade:preferred coinage.TUSCANY.LUCCA.12th cent.AD.Bi.Denier.Smooth style. ( 0.95g, 15mm ).
Struck in the name of Henry III Holy Roman Emperor AD 1017-1056 ( with debased Otto monogram ).
+IMPERΛTOR in centre debased Otto monogram.
Reverse.+ENRIVCVS, LVCA in centre.
Good very fine for issue, with all the legends on flan.

The deniers of the mint of Lucca along with those issued from the mints of� Charters, Le Mans, Melgueil, Le Puy, Valence and Melle are mentioned by the chronicler Raymond of Aguilers who accompanied� the count of Toulouse Raymond of Saint-Gilles as the "Erat Haec Nostra Moneta" the coins used in the Latin East by members of the First crusade.These coins frequestly turn up in hoards found in lands held by the Franks in the Syria and Palestine.
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